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Golf Feldenkrais – a unique training approach in Palm Springs

“Regardless of the complexity of your current condition, my passion is to help you enhance your movement awareness with Feldenkrais. Improve your fitness, play Golf, Tennis, move better and live a pain free life! Convenient training at your house or at a local gym or park, it’s all about you. Let me help you be healthy and happy! ” Daniela Schellenberg/Swissfitgolf

New Online Golf Feldenkrais

Movement Analysis and Consulting via Facetime or Skype! Go to our Blog to read more or call 858.715.0255 or Email: info@swissfitgolf.com. Visit our page Feldenkrais or Golf Fitness

Proven Results: Move Better & Live Better
Step 1. Functional Movement Analysis – We help you understand what is missing in your posture and physical condition, then point out what movement habits and compensations are present.

Step 2. Fitness Training & Re-Conditioning. Our SwissFit Programs may include: Functional Integration® (hands-on therapeutic movements), active Awareness Through Movement®, Training & Physical Conditioning, Sports Performance, Specialty Physical Re-Conditioning .

Step 3. We make sure you’re on Track – We re-check your physical abilities to continue your improvement process and modify your exercise plan to stay healthy and fit.

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